Delicious fruit

Goblin Fruit never fails to delight me. There are wonderful gems of poetry in each issue, and the Summer 2012 issue is no exception. I just finished making my way through the issue, and wanted to briefly blog about it – there are some really delicious poems there.

The only poets I recognised were Sonya Taaffe (who I should read more of!) and Adrienne J. Odasso (whose work I really enjoy). But the other poets in the Summer issue really impressed me, too. The issue read as a really luscious whole, perfect for summer’s heat (not that we’ve had too much of that here in Helsinki…).

I especially loved the earthy magic of Ruby Sara’s Jacks and Toms. Such word-weaving! Other favourites include Dover Crossing by Edgar Mason (reminds me of the bittersweet time we crossed the Channel when my family moved to Finland in ’96); Tit Tot by Catt Kingsgrave (it’s like a riotous Early Modern garden, wonderful words); Hurricane Ophelia by Melissa Frederick (formal poetry can have such drive and intensity when you do it well); What They Called Me by Adrienne J. Odasso (her words make such sad, beautiful images); and Trumpet Vine Love Song by Francesca Forrest (such a sensual, buzzing summer’s day of a poem).

Sometimes I wonder why I write poetry. Then I read poems like these, and remember again.

First posts: such daunting creatures!

I’ve tried to start this post plenty of times, thinking: hey, how hard can it be? It’s just a first post on a writing blog that no one is reading yet. No one’s going to judge me based solely on this post (or maybe they will…!). And still it’s just that hard, for perfectionist, fearful reasons. Anyway, I’ve decided to conquer my first-post fears with the same technique I use for daunting scenes in a novel: by just knuckling down and writing the damn thing. So here I am, knuckles dusted (wait, what?).

Starting a new blog is always strange: what tone to take, what to reveal? We’ll see what this develops into. For starters, at least, it’s intended to be a blog where I write about writing, and about my (potential) successes and (inevitable) failures with regard to poem and story submissions.

You can find out a little bit about me in the imaginatively entitled About Me section. Suffice it to say, here, that I’ve been writing pretty much since I could form letters. Now that I’ve graduated from uni, I’m working on taking my writing more seriously. I’m currently working on poems (always), some short stories, and wrestling the zero draft of a novel into a more acceptable shape.

Now that this Mount Doom of a first post has been vanquished, I shall sally forth to either clean my flat (useful but a dire prospect) or write (preferable).