Sunday recs: A novella

I just finished reading an amazing fantasy novella:

Martyr’s Gem by C.S.E. Cooney.

It’s a gorgeously written story with characters that jumped off the screen and will linger in my mind for a good while, I suspect. The island culture she’s created is fascinating and vibrant. Sharks and gemstones! Bantering, loving sibling relationships! A society where men and women are pretty equal! An interesting oral storytelling culture and stories-within-stories!

I love pretty much everything about this novella. Go forth and be immersed!


About Sara Norja

I'm a bilingual writer of prose and poetry. Things I enjoy apart from writing include tea, reading voraciously, cycling on warm summer nights, medieval manuscripts, dancing, and the wind.
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3 Responses to Sunday recs: A novella

  1. MNiM says:

    Bookmarked! Thanks for the rec, sounds intriguing.

  2. Sara Norja says:

    I think you might enjoy it greatly! Do tell me what you think when you’ve read it.

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