Sunday recs: Interfictions &c.

I haven’t read through the entire inaugural issue yet, but the new online journal Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts is already a delight. I’m hugely fond of the spaces between/amidst genres, styles, fiction/nonfiction, types of art – so Interfictions makes me feel all fuzzy inside. :) Such a weird, delicious mixture of texts (and pictures and sound, even!).

In the vein of artistic interdisciplinarity, here’s something I recently enjoyed from Strange Horizons: an experimental, intertextual, weird, and rather awesome piece. Book of Vole (Excerpts), by Jane Tolmie and Perry Rath.

Also from SH, a strange and oddly intriguing story about maths: A to Z Theory by Toh EnJoe.

That’s my recs for tonight! I’m off to eat some pie now. Mmm, berries.


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I'm a bilingual writer of prose and poetry. Things I enjoy apart from writing include tea, reading voraciously, cycling on warm summer nights, medieval manuscripts, dancing, and the wind.
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