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Poetry sale: Wild Violet Magazine

I’m happy to announce that my poem ‘Helsinki Love Song’ has been accepted for publication in Wild Violet. I’ll post a link when the poem is published! It was great to get some good poetry news, because I’ve been bogged … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: Romance, domesticity and demons

Long time no recs! So, here’s some stories I’ve read in the past few months but have not recced. (On the Nanowrimo front, there is not much to report. I’ve been too lazy and tired to work on my novel … Continue reading

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Nanowrimo: This feels different

It’s really weird not to be writing a feverish 50K this November. But I still think it’s a good decision to forgo a new zero draft this year – there’s so much work to do with Dim Vanities. Also, I’ve … Continue reading

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