SF flash piece ‘Wind Chimes’ up at 365 tomorrows

'space' by Sweetie187 on Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

‘space’ by Sweetie187 on Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Well, then. Seems this week’s theme is flash fiction acceptances?

My <500-word piece 'Wind Chimes' is now up at 365 tomorrows (a project that’s given readers a new piece of SF/speculative flash fiction every day since 2005).

‘Wind Chimes’ is the featured story for today so it’s on the front page (yay!), but the story is archived here. Hope you enjoy it!

First story publication – in Finnish!

Exciting! A flash fiction piece of mine (‘Munankuorikehto’, meaning ‘Egg-Shell Cradle’) will be published in the upcoming issue (3/2014) of Spin, the quarterly magazine of the Turku Science Fiction Society (TSFS).

The magazine is print-only. Those of you proficient in Finnish can subscribe to the magazine, or order a separate copy when the issue comes out this autumn. :)

I’m very pleased by this news, but also amused by the fact that my “officially first” story publication is in the language I write less in! I should really write more in Finnish as well, although right now (as usual) my writerly focus is on my English-language work. Ah, bilingualism! I am very pleased I have two native languages to practise writing in, I have to say. Such different challenges in each. (A matter for a separate post, I think!)

‘Looking-Glass Lover’ free to read in Niteblade

I just noticed that Issue #28 of Niteblade has received enough funding that it’s fully free to read online.

So, if you haven’t done so already, off you go to read my poem ‘Looking-Glass Lover’ and the rest of the great poetry and prose in the issue!

I’m going out to enjoy the lovely warm weather – summer’s finally reached Finland. Plans for later today: submitting some poems and a story, and working on a poetry collection (exciting!).