Poem sale to Goblin Fruit

Some lovely news I’ve quite forgotten to share – my poem “Village Woman” is going to appear in the Winter 2015 issue of Goblin Fruit!

So happy to get that poem out, and to be included in GF again. I lovelovelove that magazine.


About Sara Norja

I'm a bilingual writer of prose and poetry. Things I enjoy apart from writing include tea, reading voraciously, cycling on warm summer nights, medieval manuscripts, dancing, and the wind.
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2 Responses to Poem sale to Goblin Fruit

  1. Kat Soini says:


    Crap, I really need to do another poem submission bliz… In June. Because marking and MA. Gah.

    • Sara Norja says:

      Yeah, poetry submission takes up enough time and energy that work things frequently manage to overwhelm. :/ Good luck with it all! Busyness, gaah.

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