Sunday recs: Liminality

Liminality is a wonderful magazine of speculative poetry. All the issues have been full of really interesting and challenging SFF/genre-bending poetry. Here’s a few special favourites of mine:

The Word for Love by A.J. Odasso, in Issue 1. A.J. is a tremendous poet (with two lovely collections out!) and this poem is gorgeous.

Entwined ‘Neath Stars and Empty Suns by Merc Rustad, in Issue 2. I’ve recommended this before but really it’s just so awesome and space opera that I’m going to rec it again.

Among the Dead by Lev Mirov, in Issue 3. A beautiful ghost story.

A Visit with Morgan le Fay by Sofia Samatar, in Issue 4. A bone-achingly lovely prose poem.

I’m still in the process of reading Issue 5, so let me just recommend the whole issue to you!

“Memory” in The Flash Fiction Press

My piece “Memory” is up in The Flash Fiction Press!

Read it here.

I wrote the first draft of this in summer 2013, based on the prompt “the smell of freshly-cut grass”. I occasionally do freewriting by hand in a notebook based on prompts written on paper slips that I keep in an old Cadbury’s jar. I should try to do it more regularly, because sometimes some cool stuff comes out of these scribbles.

"Memory" - first draft

“Memory” – first draft

Sunday recs: cuteness, mythology and pirates

I was just making a start on editing my upcoming Finnish short story as per the editor’s suggestions – very good suggestions! I love it when someone reads your work and points out possible things to improve and you’re like yesssss this will make it so much better.

Now for recs before I go to sleep in preparation for a superbusy week of journeying and conference.

Archana and Chandni by Iona Sharma (in Betwixt Magazine) – a charming tale of a wedding in space. This was ultimate comfort-reading for me.

ζῆ καὶ βασιλεύει by Sonya Taaffe (in Ideomancer) – inspired by Greek mythology, grimmer than the previous but beautiful.

The Saga of Captain Jens by C.S.E. Cooney (in Uncanny Magazine) – and finally, a silly, awesomely rhyming poem. I just love how Claire Cooney uses her rhymes! So inventive, so hilarious. Also, pirates.

Finnish story coming up!

My Finnish speculative short story “Uusin silmin” (rough translation: “With New Eyes”) will be published in the Finnish specfic ezine Usva. Part of this weekend will be spent working on the small edits requested. Yaaay! So happy to have another story coming out in my other writing-language.

Incidentally, Usva’s current issue is a special English-language one, Usva International 2015. Check it out for some cool Finnish SFF!

This has been a week of good publication news. :) It’s also been a week of ridic busyness work-wise, but I’ll concentrate on the good stuff for now.

Sunday recs: Just faerie things (and Uncanny)

I promised Sunday recs, and then I went away and did other things and forgot about it till I was about to go to bed. It’s past midnight here now, but it’s still Sunday somewhere in the world! And there’s always time for recs. :)

The Woman Sings Her Marriage Into Being by Lev Mirov (in Through the Gate) – an utterly wonderful poem! Word-magic and a loving story contained within it. Such delicious words, I loved tasting them in my mouth when reading. The other poems in this newest issue of Through the Gate are lovely too – it’s a short issue but the poems work so well together thematically, birds and death.

Monkey King, Faerie Queen by Zen Cho (in Kaleidotrope) – a great melding of folklore/mythology from east and west. Trickster tales are such fun! The narrative voice here is full of cheeky humour and authorial insertions. I’m reading Zen Cho’s short stories so that I have some sense of her style before I get my hands on Sorcerer to the Crown – and based on this story, I really like her writing!

A Riddler at Market by Rose Lemberg (in Uncanny Magazine) – ohhh this poem is so happy and charming! I mean that in the best of ways! This is a comfort-read poem with glorious word use (as one expects of Rose’s writing!).


Speaking of Uncanny Magazine, their Kickstarter campaign for Year Two of the magazine is still ongoing! A few more days to go. They’ve already reached their basic goal, but more backers will mean more stretch goals, including getting more unsolicited stories and poems! Go and support them if you can – Uncanny is amazing and I would love to see even more stories out there.

Flash fiction sale to The Flash Fiction Press

My flash fiction piece “Memory” (fantasy, of sorts) will be appearing in The Flash Fiction Press on 21 September. I’ll post a link when it’s up!

After a bit of a fallow period during my all-too-busy summer, I’ve been increasing my fiction & poetry submission volume during the past couple of weeks. I’ve also got a lot of new – and some old – stories brewing, including a sequel to Moss. In fact, since I just spent the past hour and a half trawling through my notebooks and typing down ideas into a file for later consultation, I actually feel a bit overwhelmed by ideas. :D Always more ideas than time to write! And so many projects I’m working on/want to work on! (I really need to revise my poetry collection and actually send it out. I’ve been sitting on it for far too long…)

However, now out for a walk to brainstorm one of those story ideas.

Coming up later today: Sunday recs! I’ve been reading SO MUCH good stuff this week.