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Alphabet of Embers review

An Alphabet of Embers launches this week, at the Nebula Awards! And here’s a lovely review of it, in which the reviewer Christina lists my story “The City Beneath the Sea” among those they particularly appreciated: “Embers maintains a consistent … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: Stories + novels

Sunday recs! Featuring three delightful short stories, and two excellent novels. Tomorrow When We See the Sun by A. Merc Rustad (in Lightspeed) – a weird and cool space opera. A dark atmosphere but so beautiful. Merc’s worldbuilding is great, … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: Bone Swans

I just finished Bone Swans, a collection of stories by C.S.E. Cooney – very highly recommended! A great collection of stories, poetry singing along with the narrative (and often included, too, to dazzling effect). C.S.E. Cooney’s writing just has this … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: art magic

Have been way too exhausted to blog lately. Should learn better time management, or possibly just somehow learn how to be less busy… Anyway, small rec for today because I don’t want to get too badly out of the habit: … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: The Goblin Emperor

A novel for today’s Sunday recs: I just read Katherine Addison’s novel The Goblin Emperor and was, quite frankly, blown away. I haven’t loved a novel this much in ages! It was the perfect escape amidst a very busy couple … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: The Dishonesty of Dreams

Today’s reading recommendation is a poetry collection: The Dishonesty of Dreams by Adrienne J. Odasso. I’ve been reading Adrienne’s poetry for a long time; I really admire her work so I’d love for other people to find her stuff, too. … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: Everything Martha Wells has ever written

I was introduced to Martha Wells’ books earlier this year through this squee post by Kate Elliott (whose work I love, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog). I’m so glad I discovered Martha Wells! I’ve been reading everything of … Continue reading

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Long Hidden – a brief review

I recently finished reading the anthology I got this May – Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. Here’s how the editors (Rose Fox and Daniel José Older) describe it: There is a long and honorable legacy of … Continue reading

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Sunday recs: Romance, domesticity and demons

Long time no recs! So, here’s some stories I’ve read in the past few months but have not recced. (On the Nanowrimo front, there is not much to report. I’ve been too lazy and tired to work on my novel … Continue reading

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Delicious fruit

Goblin Fruit never fails to delight me. There are wonderful gems of poetry in each issue, and the Summer 2012 issue is no exception. I just finished making my way through the issue, and wanted to briefly blog about it … Continue reading

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