11/2018 “Birch Daughter“, in Fireside Magazine. Short story.



01/2017 “The Queen, After” in Through the Gate.
08/2017 “Sunharvest Triptych” in the anthology Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk & Eco-Speculation, edited by Phoebe Wagner and Brontë Wieland.
10/2017 “Artemis–” and “When They Belittle Your Nature” in Issue 1 of Blossomry.


07/2017 “Don’t Look a Wish Horse in the Mouth” in Cosmos Pen: A Travel Guide to Finnish Weird, the English special issue of Finnish SFF magazine Kosmoskynä. Short story.



02/2016 “Village Woman” in the Winter 2016 issue of Goblin Fruit.
03/2016 “Witch’s Lens” in Polu Texni.
06/2016 “After Selling Your Soul to the Trickster God” in Issue 59 of Abyss & Apex.
09/2016 “Taboo” in Strange Horizons. (Podcast version here.)
09/2016 “Bird People” in Volume 1, Issue 4 of Remixt.


07/2016 “The City Beneath the Sea” in the anthology An Alphabet of Embers, edited by Rose Lemberg. Short story.
07/2016 “Water, Birch, and Blood” in Strange Horizons, the special issue Our Queer Planet. Short story. (Podcast version here.)
08/2016 “Creation” in the August 2016 issue of Flash Fiction Online. Flash fiction.



03/2015 “Palimpsest” in Issue 216 of Snakeskin.
04/2015 “Pomeranian”, “Lauttasaari Bridge”, and “Human Nature” in Issue 217 (April Short Poems) of Snakeskin.
04/2015 “The World in Springtime” in The Stare’s Nest.
06/2015 “Betweening” in Issue 8 of inkscrawl.
07/2015 Watching the City, a micro-collection of six poems from the Origami Poetry Project. Print it out and fold it into a tiny book!
12/2015 “Storm-yarn” in Issue 9 of inkscrawl.


03/2015 “The Ruin” in Issue 21 of Luna Station Quarterly. Short story.
06/2015 “Moss” in Issue 26 of Silver Blade Magazine. Novelette. (TW: implied incest)
09/2015 “Memory” in The Flash Fiction Press. Flash fiction.
12/2015 “Vierain silmin” (‘With Strange Eyes’) in the Finnish speculative ezine Usva. Short story. I recommend downloading the PDF, it’s got pretty pictures and nice formatting. (in Finnish)



02/14 “Ninety-Eight” and “City of Stones” in Issue #33 of Chantarelle’s Notebook.
02/14 “Helsinki Love Song” in Wild Violet Magazine.
05/14 “The Alchemist’s Lover” in the “Alchemies” issue of CSHS.
06/14 “Looking-Glass Lover” in Issue #28 of Niteblade, “Looking-Glass Lover” (after my poem).
06/14 “Shrug Charm” in the Spring 2014 issue of Goblin Fruit.
11/14 “Kuura (extract from a Finnish-English dictionary)” in Issue 11 of Stone Telling.
11/14 “Sorrow-stone” in the “Summer Is Dead” issue of Goblin Fruit.
12/14 “Raw Honey” in Strange Horizons. Listen to me reading the poem in the SH December Poetry Podcast.


07/14 “Wind Chimes” in 365 tomorrows. Flash fiction.
10/14 “Chrysopoeia” in Issue 9 (Fall 2014) of Quantum Fairy Tales. Short story.
12/14 “Munankuorikehto” (‘Egg-Shell Cradle’) in issue 3/2014 of Spin, the quarterly magazine of the Turku Science Fiction Society (TSFS). The magazine can be ordered from the TSFS webpage. Flash fiction. (in Finnish)



02/13 “Kinds of Truth” in Issue #193 of Snakeskin.
03/13 “Silver and Gold” and “Man Playing Piazzolla” in Issue #11 of Curio.
06/13 “Beauty Remembers” in Polu Texni.
07/13 “Wolf Daughter” in Strange Horizons. Listen to me reading the poem in the SH July Poetry Podcast.
08/13 “The Understanding” in Issue #2 of Plunge Magazine.
08/13 “Boat-husk” in Issue #4 of Through the Gate.
09/13 “Bitter Mnemosyne” in Issue #25 of Niteblade, “Alice Underground”.
10/13 “Orthography: A Personal History” in Issue #2 of Interfictions.
12/13 “Microhistory” and “Rain-washed” in Issue #203 of Snakeskin.



06/12 “Glimpsed World” and “Canal Bridge” in newleaf 28. (print only)
09/12 “Blow” in Issue #189 of Snakeskin. (link broken, archives of new Snakeskin webpage not yet updated)
10/12 “Fragments” and “At Right Angles with Myself” in the October 2012 issue of Snakeskin. (link broken, archives of new Snakeskin webpage not yet updated)
12/12 “October’s End” in Issue #29 of Chantarelle’s Notebook.

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