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“Memory” in The Flash Fiction Press

My piece “Memory” is up in The Flash Fiction Press! Read it here. I wrote the first draft of this in summer 2013, based on the prompt “the smell of freshly-cut grass”. I occasionally do freewriting by hand in a … Continue reading

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The art of interpretation

At my writing group meeting last Friday, we had a pretty cool poetry exercise: using literal English translations of poetry originally written in other languages, we had to transform the translations into our own poetry, or make the literal translation … Continue reading

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Drabble for my grandfather

Long time no blog. Busy, &c &c. ad nauseam. Last night at my writers’ group I led an exercise on description. We each brought an interesting object and then spent five minutes writing short descriptions of each. It brought out … Continue reading

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Poetry experiment

Am on sick leave today because the wretched remnants of illness still lingered this morning. My New Year’s Eve was spent with a fever; I was so out of it that I was extremely content to be alone, and toasted … Continue reading

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